Review: Alive

Alive by Scott Sigler

In the interest in full disclosure I received Alive by Scott Sigler book and a copy of Alight, the second book in the series, as part of a giveaway.  My opinions are my own.  Now that that is out of the way.  Go read this book!  NOW!  You don’t need to read the rest of this review.

Still here?  What! Why?  Go read the damn book!  Ok fine, so you don’t believe me huh?  I read quiet a bit and there are very, very few books that I think everyone should be screaming READ THIS NOW!  This is one of those books.  It makes me angry that no one told me to read this.  What is wrong with you people?  This book is that good!

This book losses a lot of what it is if I or anyone else tells you pretty much anything.  I loved the constant surprises in this book.  Everyone throws around the page-turner word a lot, I probably use it too much as well.  This book really is a page turner.  It usually takes me much longer to read a 345 page book.  This week I also went back to work, so I’ve hard hardly any time to read.  Every single free moment I was reading this book.  I HAD to find out what happened next.

I totally bought into the very likable characters right away.  The environment the story takes place is unique.  I can’t say much more but you feel yourself paying very close attention to the descriptions of things as you try to figure out what is going on.

Very basic introduction to the book.  Female young lady wakes up in total darkness trapped in some kind of box.  That is in the description of on goodreads and amazon, so I don’t feel I’ve given away anything.  Just go read this.  It is amazing.  Scott Sigler hit a home run!  I can’t wait to read Alight!  But I’m going to take a break from this story line, so that I don’t have to wait so long for the third book Alone coming out on October 25, 2016.

Alive Book Cover Alive
The Generations Trilogy
Scott Sigler
Del Rey Books
July 14, 2015

For fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Red Rising comes a gripping sci-fi adventure in which a group of teenagers wake up in a mysterious corridor with no knowledge of who they are or how they got trapped. Their only hope lies with an indomitable young woman who must lead them not only to answers but to survival. "I open my eyes to darkness. Total darkness. I hear my own breathing, but nothing else. I lift my head . . . it thumps against something solid and unmoving. There is a board right in front of my face. No, not a board . . . a lid." A teenage girl awakens to find herself trapped in a coffin. She has no idea who she is, where she is, or how she got there. Fighting her way free brings little relief--she discovers only a room lined with caskets and a handful of equally mystified survivors. Beyond their room lies a corridor filled with bones and dust, but no people . . . and no answers. She knows only one thing about herself--her name, M. Savage, which was engraved on the foot of her coffin--yet she finds herself in charge. She is not the biggest among them, or the boldest, but for some reason the others trust her. Now, if they're to have any chance, she must get them to trust each other. Whatever the truth is, she is determined to find it and confront it.

Advance praise for Alive

"A ripping, claustrophobic thunderbolt of a novel, Scott Sigler's Alive gives us an unforgettable young hero who must find the inner strength to lead without knowing where she is, who she is, and how bitterly the odds are stacked against her."--Pierce Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Red Rising

"Sigler has created a wonderful and engrossing character in M. Savage. Strong and smart, but with the naïveté and misgivings of any teenage girl, she's someone you'll definitely want on your side when s*** hits the fan, which it most certainly does."--Veronica Belmont, host of Sword & Laser

"A tense, unsettling page-turner of a story--both deeply strange and wildly compelling."--Cherie Priest, author of Boneshaker and Maplecroft "From the first page I was hooked. The puzzle unfolds masterfully, right down to the last page."--Dr. Phil Plait, author of Bad Astronomy