For many years, I have been struggling to find a place to talk about the books I have been reading.  In 2005 I created a podcast and blog called history podcast and I had a lot of fun doing that for a long time.  It is still up, but I haven’t done any podcast for a long time.  In 2007 I discovered Goodreads, which is fantastic, but can never really be as personalized as a blog can.  My own place to post what I want and talk about what I want.

I did a search today for jasonreads.com and wholly cow, it was actually available.  I don’t know how many times I have done domain searches only to find that they are already taken.  I really wanted tomeraiders or tomereader, but they were taken and implied that I read only tomes, which is of course not true.

What you will find here:  I read all kinds of things.  I read books, I listen to books.  I have favorite genres but no favorite format. Kindle, audio, paper, they are all welcome here.

If you like what you see please participate in the comments, if you don’t, then keep your trap shut, by all means!


I do use advertising on this website.  I am an Amazon Associate.  So, if I am writing about something that is sold on Amazon, I will link to it.  That way if you want to buy whatever it is, I will get a small percentage of that sale.  It costs you no more to purchase from one of the links on this site than it normally would.  If I get free books from publishers and review them, I will let you know that they gave me a book for free, but I will also give you my honest impression of that book.  The main takeaway here is that while I am trying to make some money from this website to help pay for it, I will not do anything underhanded.