Book Review: The Red Badge of Courage

This is one of those books that you get to and your like “Why haven’t I read this before”.  I should have probably read it in high school, but I have not gotten to it until now.  This is another classic that surprised me.  I really enjoyed this far more than I thought I would.  My average rating was 3 in 2016 and this book was a 4, which I think says a lot.  It is not my all time favorite book but I would read it again.  The book is about a young man’s experience joining the war effort.  Very good.  I really recommend.

The Red Badge of Courage Book Cover The Red Badge of Courage
Stephen Crane
Juvenile Nonfiction
Prestwick House Inc
January 1, 2004

As he faces battle in the Civil War for the first time, a young Union soldier comes to grips with his fear and conflicting emotions about war. This edition includes Crane's short sequel, The veteran.